Sunday, January 24, 2010

We Live in a Coddled Society

People are too sensitive

It seems every few days, I read about another editorial where someone is complaining about the most mundane of circumstances. A race in their neighborhood disrupted their morning, their kid didn’t get to play in a tee ball game, and we shouldn’t keep score in sports, video games destroying our culture. A mini crisis when a truck parks the wrong direction in a cul de sac. It goes on and on.

If there is a problem here, it is in the fact that we now live in a coddled society. The inability to cope with minor infractions of daily life is an indication of a weak person. Try breaking the average routine sometime; avoid getting so comfortable that anything out of the ordinary is a cause for stress. Focus on what actually matters in your life, not the minor and dismissible inconveniences.


  1. This was originally posted in The Coloradoan newspaper. I thought I would repost it since they archived it and I would have to pay 4 dollars for my own copy, so I put it here.

  2. This is a clear demonstration of how concise you can be, but you don't often show that side of your writing, sometimes you can ramble so this is a good one to review on occasion when you need direction.

  3. Very true. I could probably cut out 20,000 words from Human Echoes just by cutting the fat. You will have to help me with that when I send you a five pound manuscript and about four red pens.


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