Sunday, February 7, 2010

Back to the Grind... Oh Wait, Nevermind.

Well, this is never easy to deal with, but thanks to a dreadful economy, I am now looking for work again. This last job was by far one of the best I had ever worked, and the experience I gained will help me immensely in the field of Information Technology. It's just a shame that it ended so quickly. I was hoping to make it to one year.

At the moment, I feel like the adversity I am facing is overwhelming. The loss of my insurance, the continued trouble with my spine (which I will discuss in a later blog post), and the general fatigue of trying to get by are all taking their toll. I feel incredibly tired all the time, and no amount of Monster (Oh how I love thee, black canister of life) seems to be able to lift.

Although I hope to make it as a professional author, I know that this is an incredibly difficult feat. I need to keep building on a back up career, but i hope that this bit of time off will help me achieve some writing goals. Words have been coming easier in the past week or two, and I am hoping that trend continues. Especially as I inch toward the finish of Human Echoes, which is sitting at 85,000 words and counting. I have a feeling it will be quite a few months before I top that number with a new project.

I also hope to have another two short stories out very soon. I have a feeling that my personal bio is lacking. I will need to work on that, and a solid query letter as well. Of course, Human Echoes is going to be in editing for quite some time, but getting ready for that push to market can't hurt.

Anyway, I am off to watch the Super Bowl here shortly. I plan to relax and have a few beers. It is a much needed reprieve from this turbulent weekend.

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