Monday, February 1, 2010

The January Report

Well, this month certainly left in a hurry. I'm not entirely sure if it's related to being busy, moderately productive, or that I am getting older. I remember thinking that as a kid. That the older a person gets, the more time seems to fly. Like the difference between the long and glorious summers of my youth, and the now short spats of summer I experience now. One felt like almost a year to itself, the latter, more like a weekend vacation.

Anyway, onto some stats. I had a marginal month as far as word count goes. It started out strong, but eventually started to recede a little bit. I did reach 85 percent of my monthly goal, but considering that was only 1,000 words a day, I feel I could have done more. Still, the work I have done on Human Echoes and Thin Ice was at a much higher level than when I started consistently writing back in November. I will have my work cut out for me trying to establish consistency in that book.

For the month of January:

Monthly Goal: 31,000
Words Written: 26,281
Words Over/Under: -4,819
Percentage: 84.7% of goal completed

Writing Breakdown:

Human Echoes: 22,127
Thin Ice: 2,632
This Blog: 1,522

For February, I am going to stick a little closer to my schedule so I don't need 3,000 word days just to catch up. I just need to make writing as much a habit as anything else I do.

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