Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Little too Much to Handle

Over the past few weeks, I have been reading too much. Well maybe just too much of the wrong content. The thought of my book nearing completion has led me to search for information on publishing and the business side of writing. Much to my despair, these people have made it sound damn near impossible to break into. I knew when I started writing seriously that it would be hard, but I had never really looked at how convoluted the whole process is.

Thus far, I have only received two rejections, both on a short story that I did not have a lot of confidence in. I believed it to be superior to many of the pieces I was reading, but in the eyes of the editor, it did not measure up. Both times, I was told the problem was related to the voice of the story.

The problem I am worried about isn’t so much from a short story I wrote in a couple of hours, but how I will respond to the virtually guaranteed plethora of rejections my first book will receive. I have hope that it will find a home in the literary world, but considering the way agents and publishing houses make their decisions, that view is becoming a bit bleak.

The best and only way I can counter this is to keep writing. To create enough content that something will find its way into print. Along with that, I may be able to find that consistent voice that has been apparently lacking. My writing style has already shifted in these first hundred thousand words. My descriptions, transitions, conflicts, and voice are closer resembling their own identity. I just wonder what my writing will be like a year from now.

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