Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Small Note on the Craft

For every statement there are always hundreds of conflicts and arguments that go unused. The key to their effectiveness is choosing the one that lays the most impact or works toward the next idea. Often times, a statement skips over the details that are most imperative to what we are trying to say. When ambiguous claims are made, the clarity of an argument or point of view is often lost.

In every argument there are details I don’t know, as well as concepts and ideas that I won’t bring up. To some, the details of an event of conflict are trivial, even if they hold great value to the person detailing them. This is mostly related to mindset and values, and is part of why i love writing so much. Effective writing forces people to see life from your perspective, and why the details matter. Formerly irrelevant details can illuminate perspectives that would otherwise be lost, and true understanding can be achieved.

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