Sunday, May 16, 2010

Electric Worry

I’m starting to think I need to tone down my information intake. I know as a writer that this probably sounds strange, but I am too connected. Currently, my phone delivers every facebook and twitter status update that crosses my account, as well as lining up dozens of RSS feeds. At all hours of the day, I am bombarded with information, and it drowns out the crucial silence that is needed for ideas to brew.

We live in a society so inundated with useless blips of data that it devalues crucial information. Inspiration is buried under the tedium of 5,000 posts about what celebrities are having for breakfast. My day isn’t made better by knowing a friend got hammered this weekend, nor is depth added to my friendships by reading the 30th straight post about how awful Colorado’s spring time weather is. I am an astute observer. I know it just snowed 14 inches. Get a truck, and get over it.

The only problem with all this is that I am a hypocrite. I am not in a position to shun social networking, and in fact, I am complaining about it over a rather large social network. I will say that I think it is time for me to shut out some of the noise. Maybe get rid of a few of my phones features, and not be informed of every goings on in my circle of friends. Maybe I should also stop reading blogs for literary agents. Not only are they demoralizing, but most are pretty smug. They for sure aren’t helping me write.

I want to get back a little bit of serenity, even if it is the type that comes with waking up to the smell of coffee rather than the pulsing of electronic input.


  1. Go for it... but I don't know if its slowing you down. Definitely get rid of the bullshit and the demoralizing stuff, but when my intake of significant information goes down so does my writing. It seems like I write more when I don't have time to think about it.

  2. Well I am talking more about the twitter posts that have no merit. Bands that probably have a publicist post, and things of that nature. I follow a few places that give out short stories daily, and I enjoy them, but the crap has to go.


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