Sunday, July 25, 2010

Road to Recovery

Words are starting to hit the screen again, and though they may not be as numerous in the past, I am grateful. I lost a few months of progress, which is unacceptable, but I can’t linger on that fact. I just have to reestablish the good writing habits I was starting to pick up. Oh yeah, and I should also keep editing my damn book.

Even a rejection letter that I was hit with yesterday did not deter me. I was almost happy to receive it since it gave me real feedback on the story, and not a simple “Almost, but not quite” or form rejection. Thanks to Necrotic Tissue for doing that; I will have to sub with them again someday.

I have wondered recently if other authors get a bit defiant like I do in the face of rejection. A feeling where you want to send the same magazine more of your work immediately just to prove that it is worthy of publication. Anyone out there care to comment?

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Small Steps

Sometimes it is hard for me to tell which hit me harder in the past few months, lethargy or apathy. It’s been months since I have felt energetic enough to do anything other than work. It’s been even longer since I forced myself to care about word count goals and the like. I fell into an old groove of work, social interaction, and sleep. I wasn’t allowing myself to find time for writing.

Over the past few weeks, I started feeling guilty about not writing. It felt as though I were letting another dream pass away simply out of laziness. I decided to reorganize and try this all again, starting with editing. I currently have 3 short stories going out for submissions that have never been seen before, and I have started putting many more ideas down on paper.

Another bit of motivation came from having my beta readers’ reaction to my newest story, Sublimation of Souls. I finished the first draft in March, but it sat buried on my hard drive until recently. I have never had better comments or reception from my previous works, now to just find it a home.

Anyway, I am hoping to get back into the swing of writing consistently, and updating this blog more often. It almost has 1,000 hits, and I hope to break through that soon.
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