Sunday, July 18, 2010

Small Steps

Sometimes it is hard for me to tell which hit me harder in the past few months, lethargy or apathy. It’s been months since I have felt energetic enough to do anything other than work. It’s been even longer since I forced myself to care about word count goals and the like. I fell into an old groove of work, social interaction, and sleep. I wasn’t allowing myself to find time for writing.

Over the past few weeks, I started feeling guilty about not writing. It felt as though I were letting another dream pass away simply out of laziness. I decided to reorganize and try this all again, starting with editing. I currently have 3 short stories going out for submissions that have never been seen before, and I have started putting many more ideas down on paper.

Another bit of motivation came from having my beta readers’ reaction to my newest story, Sublimation of Souls. I finished the first draft in March, but it sat buried on my hard drive until recently. I have never had better comments or reception from my previous works, now to just find it a home.

Anyway, I am hoping to get back into the swing of writing consistently, and updating this blog more often. It almost has 1,000 hits, and I hope to break through that soon.

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