Monday, September 13, 2010

Mondays Suck

Oy. Some of these mornings hurt.

Waking up as the sun is rising should feel more rewarding. Watching the orange rays breach through puffs of wispy clouds usually feels like an accomplishment, at least, after my morning Monster.

Only those weren’t clouds this morning.

The scent that faintly greeted me this morning was that of a morning campfire. I immediately wanted marshmallows and a tin cup filled with rum. Then I remembered that it wasn’t a campfire, but a valley in the next town over. A late season fire had started, and containment is nowhere in sight.

When I got to work, the smoke was so bad that it felt like a Viking fog had rolled into the parking lot. My eyes watered and turned bloodshot, and the air felt acrid in my lungs. Children with asthma were already being sent home, though most lived in the same neighborhood so their symptoms would remain. I thought it was terrible until a coworker was talking about their friend’s house being in the immediate path of the flames.

My Monday is just fine compared to theirs. I wish them the best, and same to the firefighters working to put it out.

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