Friday, September 10, 2010

Projects on Projects

It really is amazing what happens when you refuse to look at your backlog for a little while. There is an oddly terrifying and sometimes growing pile of perfectly bleached office paper on a table next to my desk. It is filled with stories that all lack that a finished shine they deserve.

Following through with projects has always been a weak point of mine. I started another book before really editing my last one. I have written four short stories in the time it took me to edit a single one. I would say that is starting to look like a trend. This weekend I am hoping to look over Human Echoes for a while, and maybe a few short stories as well.

Not having stories to submit isn’t the only problem that comes from this. I’m really starting to see that I have hit a small plateau with my writing ability. Though my story crafting seems to be coming around, my previous lack of editing has hindered me. I haven’t taken the time to look over my mistakes to learn from them, I simply kept treading forward, adding to my own ignored slushpile. Besides, it will help my confidence immensely to have four or five stories being looked over by editors rather than just the one.

One last little note on here. I am debating saving my sci-fi story for NaNoWriMo, and working on Human Echoes till then. I know this is what I should probably do, but not writing when I have an idea seems really odd.

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