Thursday, September 9, 2010


I may have stumbled upon something awesome. I know I have spoken about new jobs before on this blog, but so far, this has been the best I have ever had. No, its not only because I have summers off (although that is a major perk), or that for the first time in my life my work will cover my nearly uninsurable ass. It is that I already feel valued, and that has been hard to come by in my previous jobs.

I’m not sure what it is like for other writers, but when I am not working, I have a hard time writing. I sit at the computer and stare, knowing that I should be desperately seeking work, or trying to come up with some creative way to make rent. Generally, it stifles any creativity I have. Having work also helps to keep me on stricter time schedules, so I cannot just put off writing if I want to get anything done.

With that said, I need to get back to about four stories that have been sitting on the editing block for a while. I think that should be my first priority before I generate a whole lot of new content. Writing the story has always been the fun part, revising, well, that gets put off for a bit too long.

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