Friday, October 8, 2010


I realize now that waiting might be the hardest part of writing. I can control my output, at least to a point. I can control the quality of a query, or edit a short story thirty times, but I cannot control how editors receive my writing, or how long it takes them to respond.

I know that Duotrope's is not an exact science, but it has been very close to accurate so far. So now I sit, watching as the average response time for a rejection passes. Then I with heavy anticipation, I watch the average acceptance day pass. It has been a week since I saw that.

Now, as a new writer, I am unsure if this means that I am on the short list, if they are going to accept it, or if my email somehow got lost in the interwebz. I have checked my sent box and spam boxes a dozen times. Everything looks kosher from what I can tell. I formatted it to their specifications as well, so I doubt they flat out tossed it.

So now I sit here, waiting, and watching the pending submissions drop, and their rejection rate increase. Yet I am still in the queue, and creating a new record for response time, either by rejection (by about double their usual), or a few days by their acceptances.

I need to put it out of my mind, and if it hasn’t come in two weeks I should probably follow up. The anticipation is killing me though. At this point, I just want to know, win or lose what the answer is.


  1. keep watching and slowly build your fanbase man...the anticipation kills me too knowing we are the next generation of writers just wondering where we will end up

  2. I hear you Randy. Writing, blogging, and expression have changed significantly in the past few years. It is now much easier to carve your own niche, but its hard to maintain the level of old school quality. I'm not sure where it is all going quite yet.

  3. excellent read! thanks for sharing

  4. I know what you mean man, I love the criticism I get from others

  5. Waiting is tuff, but after the writers block there is a feeling of accomplishment.

  6. I can't wait for my book to be published in the near future


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