Monday, October 18, 2010

Flash Fiction

Flat out, flash fiction is underrated. Each day, several stories are delivered to my RSS program (google reader), and I enjoy them in short breaks between work and other projects. At this time, I probably read more words weekly of flash fiction than I do novels and standard length short stories.

I haven't decided if this appreciation is a reflection of a short attention span.

When I first started writing, I thought that keeping a story under a 1,000 words would be much easier than writing full length fiction, but it really isn't. Other than the time of completion, everything else is harder, and every word is weighted. In a novel, I can meander a bit, really place a scenic image before driving into a story. With flash, its all content, a quick scene, and the readers imagination. Being concise can be an entirely different challenge.

The available format may be flash fiction's best feature, as it is comfortable to read on a computer or phone. Longer stories can often get tedious when scrolling or moving by hand. I find myself trying to find time to read longer short stories, often putting them off until I forget about them. With flash, I can usually push whatever I am working on back a few minutes, and simply finish.

Anyway, this post got a little long. I will try to make a short post soon of my favorite flash sites.

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