Tuesday, October 5, 2010

General Election Fun

Oh politics, how I won’t miss you after the 2nd. Before I can dismiss you for the better part of a year though, I must address a few of the issues in my community.

It seems that the people who draft new propositions do not want me to have a job. They have this harebrained scheme to lower property taxes, most specifically, the ones that relate to school funding. Proposition 60 in Colorado, along with 61, and 101, would effectively decimate the public school system.

“But Tony,” I hear you cry, “Why can’t they just cut costs and cope?”

Well, that would be because funding has been lowered for several consecutive years. Millions are being cut each term, and at this current moment, the school system is running fit and trim. I believe that the occasional budget crisis can help efficiency, but that crisis has already been festering for several years. Pay freezes and funding cuts have already hacked deeply into the various school districts, and these measures simply go too far.

The superintendant of the Thompson School District believes that 1 in every 7 jobs would have to be cut. Classroom sizes would increase substantially, some of which are already in the 30s. Several neighborhood schools may have to be shut down, at least, over the course of a few short years. This may or may not include my own schools and job, but I don’t like those odds.

In other words, cut waste where waste is apparent. School districts are notorious for making due with less, but the cuts can only go so deep. The substantial loss of jobs alone should merit a second look at the bill. Hundreds of teachers and staff across the state without work would sure help that ailing economy. If you are a Coloradoan, please vote no on Prop 60, 61, and 101.

Keep in mind that I am a conservative and am asking you to not cut taxes. That is how serious this is.


  1. if they dont cut taxes, prepare to see the cops doing more revenue generating dutie

  2. I was reading about that in the paper today. Cops are now required to collect at least 115,000 in fees in order to make their budget. In a town that is a little over 150,000, that is pretty substantial.


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