Friday, October 22, 2010

Odd Attention

So, news of my first publication made the rounds where I work, and in what seems terribly odd to me, I have been asked to guest speak as a “published author.” I split my time between two schools doing tech work, and members of each school have asked for me to do this, and for different grade levels.

Besides having only a very short time to prepare, I feel that the first one went pretty well. The 5th graders were attentive as I tried to tell them about pre-writing (which I hardly do) and the importance of prompt editing (yeah, like that happens). I hit on character sheets, and showed them how to outline Mort the cowardly Viking, which promptly turned into an assignment. I had them laughing a few times, and scored some points for my annual review. Good times were had.

I will be doing a few more sessions this quarter, and hopefully they will be a bit smoother. The teacher saved me a few times from running out of content with relevant questions. Without her I would have stumbled into a stuttering mess of wasted time.

This is really all very weird to me though. Having a short story accepted, not even published yet, somehow makes me an expert at writing? I guess it makes some sense, but anyone who reads this blog knows that my mechanics are terrible, and that my content drags a bit. Either way, I feel a small and nagging pressure to write more due to this attention, maybe even a bit of pressure. It seems to be helping though.

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