Thursday, November 25, 2010

America's fate put in capable hands

(Note: This was published in our local newspaper, The Coloradoan. I try to keep politics off of here, but since it made the paper, I might as well throw it up here for posterity's sake.)

In the most basic of terms, young people have had their future sold out. We watch as those in power continue to create wild and unimaginable levels of debt. We observe as the intolerances of past generations hold back the expansion of science and human achievement. The proliferation of entitlement, political correctness, and responsibility deflection has bestowed my generation with pragmatic problems that have only hard-fought and complex solutions.

Yet, we will find a way. I find myself surrounded by the strength of intelligent men and women, who have grown intolerant of the status quo. Great people who will rise when it is asked of them and who will take on the challenges this nation faces.

The time for short-handed and timid solutions is over, and though we will have to carry a burden placed on us by half a century of irresponsible policy and actions, we will overcome. We will succeed in our civic duty, both out of desire and necessity.

The luxuries afforded to the Baby Boomers will not be given to us. Our inheritance was spent along with our future. This generation will carve its own path, despite those whose sensibilities would have us falter.

We cannot fail and still have the America of our founders, the America that was made by the sweat of great men and the blood of generations of fallen heroes. Fear not for the fate of this country, it is being delivered into our capable hands.

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  1. A link to the original article, in which people interperet my point to simultaneously exist as right wing and left wing propaganda.


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