Friday, November 5, 2010

Talking Too Much

As my current WIP trots along, I have noticed something off about the characters; they talk way too damn much. I have written some pretty heavy dialogue work in the past, even a few short stories that were entirely in dialogue, but this might be getting out of hand.

I feel as though I am walking a fine line between characterization and info dump. They seem to speak naturally, which is a plus, but when is it too much? I have always hated in books when a conversation happens just to give awkward back story. It often seems lazy and unnecessary. I can't quite tell yet if I have gone too far, but it might be something that needs addressing soon. I am going to try for a 10,000 word weekend while the story still feels hot. I will be able to tell much more on the other side.

Anyway, a quick status update on Augmented Genesis:

7,075 words and rising
Characters killed: 0
Suns exploding: 0
Mountain Dew Consumption: Moderate
Currently Playing: Jedi Mind Tricks - Uncommon Valor

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