Wednesday, December 22, 2010

On Rare Occasion

Just a month after her ninetieth birthday, Janet Graham passed away. I'm not sure if I ever called her by her real name. To me, she always was, and always will be "Mammy".

Today I sit here, only the third day of my life without my Grandmother. The third day after the world lost one of its greatest examples of sincerity, and of kindness. Without a doubt, she was the embodiment of The Greatest Generation; an icon of their enduring legacy, and an ironclad representation of the strongest women this nation has ever known.

I was going to post the whole eulogy on here, but I believe it may be a bit too personal for this site. I'll end saying that it is a very rare occasion when you find someone, who when they pass, not a single bad thing can be said about them. We love you Mammy. Rest well.

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  1. This all feels terribly insufficient. I spent a good portion of yesterday trying to write my goodbye to her, but it never felt right. I hope I can find better words later.


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