Friday, January 7, 2011

Ancient Mummies and Probably Tentacles

King Tut might be threatening my first week's participation in Write 1 Sub 1. I am about half (probably a bit under half) way through my newest and still unnamed MMA story, but in order to finish and edit it, I really don't think it will happen before I have to get to Denver. I would normally say shame on me, but I always feel like writing after I hit up museums and art galleries, and getting to see the Boy King's sarcophagus might give me some inspiration.

On the subject of strange beasts and curses, I'm not sure why I avoided H.P. Lovecraft for so long. I'm not sure I will ever be a cult level follower, but I might have to buy a few anthologies. I need to research his writing for a while longer so I can attempt to get into the Innsmouth Free Press. While it is a fairly new publication, they have some excellent content. Their magazine is also free, so if you are a Lovecraft fan, you have no excuse to not check them out. No seriously, click on the link, this blog post is over.

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