Thursday, January 20, 2011

First Published Story!

After months of anticipation, I finally have a story to present to all of you. Over at, my flash fiction story, Zombies Have No Respect for Plumbing is now available. I have been suppressing using exclamation points at every turn this evening. I'm stoked to the point of jabbering, which is probably a bit excessive for such a small success, but hey, I'm going to bask in the non-rejection for a little bit.

I opened my google reader, trying to catch some news and blog updates before the end of the work day, then POW, my story, sitting right there as an update in my inbox. I wouldn't say it was surreal, but it definitely startled me. I hope its a feeling I can get used to.

Anyway, I hope you all take a few minutes to read it. Since it weighs in at a meager 458 words, it's definitely a quick one. Please let me know what you guys think.


  1. Ha! Cute could probably make a longer piece out of that premise...

  2. Thanks for checking it out Jeremy, I'm glad you liked it. (It feels really odd to write that.)

    I tried to make it a bit longer, but it seemed to diminish the punch line, and also made it awkward. After it was accepted I thought of a few ways it could work, but I didn't want to anger the editor after the fact.

  3. Congrats! Great voice, horrific imagery. Well done.

  4. Thank you Mr. Fowler. It's awesome to have some new faces reading my fiction.


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