Monday, January 10, 2011

Hookah Headed Writing Frenzies

I once decided that I was tired of not being able to blow smoke rings, so I sat at a hookah and made strange faces for about ten bowls until I got the hang of it. The problem is, now I find it awkward to exhale without blowing about three lingering smokey donuts.

On Saturday, in an effort to force myself to relax and get some writing done, I loaded a mighty bowl of pomegranate shisha, and sparked up the coals. Smoke billowed in from my desk, and filled my bedroom like an old Cheech and Chong movie. In the haze and the cold, I actually found a way to break my writing stupor. I was able to focus, and pound out the first 1500 word session in weeks. I know it isn’t that impressive number wise, but when you are only posting 200 to 400 words per session, it is a spectacular feeling. Until I stood up, and promptly stumbled into my bed.

For the sake of my health, I really shouldn’t make it a habit, but I think a few sessions a month like that are in order. Does anyone else out there have obscure methods for breaking writing slumps? I’d love to hear them.

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  1. personally, i like to take a walk through my neighborhoods I grew up in. I have lived in the same end of my city for my whole life, so its easy to get too and from them.

    Usually a hour long walk on with my headphones, chain smoking, observing the architecture of my city while looking at the old places i lived, where my friends lived, and imagining the people who live there now.

    It just really makes me think critically, and gets the ball rolling...even if I don't write anything useful from my inspiration, it reminds me who I am, where I have came from.

    Helps put things into perspective...I want the winter to be over so I can do it more often...even though I must get the winter retrospect on things.


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