Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Only Resolution that Matters

I have one resolution this year. One that applies to both writing and life in general.
"I will finish my shit, because I am a goddamn writer."
Maybe this isn't penned in some subtle eloquence, and blasphemy never really helped anyone, but I can't tolerate the quiet incantations any longer. I'm rarely influenced by polite banter, or the soft touch of my own prose. I need a forceful and clear thought. An idea that cannot betray its premise, and can be worked over like railroad spikes under the hammer of John Henry.

This blog will have a new and more consistant schedule as well. Three posts a week, two of which will be regular posting, and the third is a free day.

I wish all of you the best this New Year. Lets start it off with heavy word counts and fine swift hangover recoveries.

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