Monday, January 3, 2011

Renewed Structure

My desk is a menagerie of wild note cards. I have apparently acquired a new obsession with structure, mostly due to Kristen Lamb's blog. I read the 8 part series on novel structure, and it illuminated the many, many mistakes I made on my last two manuscripts.

I'm still pretty new to the writing game, so I will chalk up my mistakes as learning experiences. I let myself run with scenes and ideas, simply trying to force the action from point A to point Z. I had an ending, and a beginning, but also about 50,000 words of unstructured fluff in between.

As of now, I have about 20 scenes plotted, all with consistent time and dates. I would guess that this is somewhere around 30,000 words. I also made a more visible antagonist (instead of, you know, a shitload of zombies), and have done work to make the characters more believable.

Another topic on the same project (Human Echoes), I have been debating with friends about the viability of a zombie novel. It seems that their time has passed, and it might not be the best time to write a novel on the subject. I believe that I need to finish this novel regardless of the market. At this point, it is as much about making a cohesive novel as it is about trying to sell it. I may not be able to do anything with this manuscript, but the experience and the hours will not have been wasted if I learn and grow from it.

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