Wednesday, January 19, 2011

WIP Wednesday: Lots of Leads

In a small fit of inspired starts, I have come across about six separate short stories that need to be written. Most of them have a few paragraphs or a couple pages of notes, but only one has an ending. So far. That one is threatening to not end, and has been screaming at me to about becoming my next novel project. Because of this, the short may just become a proof of concept. It's also written in the first person, and I'm not sure I could make an effective novel from that perspective. If it promised to be more linear and have fewer characters, then maybe, but the story is broad in its ambition.

My commitment to outlining has changed the way I tell stories. I'm not letting these leads run on until they find their ending, but rather I will sit and take notes, argue plot points, and let them develop before I waste two or three thousand words trying to find out what really happens. I'm not sure if my writing style is maturing, or if this is justification for slower, but plodding, word counts, but the framework feels much stronger.

As far as genre, three stories could be simply described as horror, but two are sci-fi, and to my surprise, one is urban fantasy. I used to hate the fantasy genre. I'm not entirely sure why, but I'm not going to argue when a story presents itself. Anyway, since I don't have excerpts, I will end it here. All I have written so far is too first draft to post, so you'll have to wait till next Wednesday.

On a side note, I will be discussing another aspect of horror writing this coming Friday. I have a feeling that it could become a theme around here. For now though, I would like to ask what everyone is reading? I need some good new horror and preferably from someone other than Stephen King. I love the man's work, but I want to find some new authors.

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