Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Programming

Woah, my schedule hasn't abided well these past two weeks. Even with a couple of snow days, I managed to stay incredibly busy. Unfortunately it wasn't all on the writing front. Until work fully calms down, my focus must remain there. At least that's what I tell myself.

Sleepless nights have been pressing me into turbulent thoughts about my life and writing. I snap back and forth between being good enough to get published, or self publish, and get brought back to reality by all the fantastic writers that are out there.

It's not that I'll never be as good as them; I know that if I put in the work I will get better, and I'm arrogant enough to think I might be their peer someday. The problem is in the primal monkey part of my brain and its constant need for instant gratification. That primitive quadrant (lobe? cortex? wrinkle?) doesn't understand that I am a novice in this field. I am an apprentice trying to become a journeyman, and the only way to get there is with my ass planted in the chair, and my hands on the keyboard. The stupid circus monkey would rather spend three hours watching youtube videos and reading articles.

Ahem, bitch session over. I get a little too introspective when I don't sleep. Moving on.

We will be returning to the regular Monday - Wednesday - Friday blog posts this week. That cosmic horror article will actually get posted this Friday, and all will be right with the cosmos. You know, except for the whole existence of cosmic horrors.

Lets close out with a new Wednesday feature: The Link Dump. Like most aspiring writers, I read more blogs about other writers than is probably healthy or a practical use of time. Each weak I will dump my favorite articles here for everyone to check out. If you have a link you want featured here (I'm easily bribed by foodstuffs and @mentions), hit me up (@tsouthcotte) on twitter.

The Link Dump:

Chuck Wendig breaks down the dark and phallic stuffed side of self publishing at Terribleminds.

Kristen Lamb will straight up make you better at social media. Her advice is to powerful to confine to a single link, so check out her whole blog here.

Austin Wulf asks for your business card.

Amanda Hocking sells more books in January than Jesus.

Aaron Polson wants you to win a copy of his new book, The House Eaters, at Goodreads.

See you on Friday my digital friends.

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  1. On a side note, anyone reading from Google Reader, I apologize. I meant to save post, and hit publish before it was edited. I hope the changes made it before you read it.


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