Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Importance of Working Tools

Some of you may have noticed that my Friday post, as well as yesterday's, never saw the light of day. This is my fault, as well as old faulty hardware's. After several failures and restarts, the documents simply would not reopen, and were lost to the nether.

During this past weekend, my writing equipment was in such poor condition, I had no business using it.

I've been using the same computer since my junior year of high school (class of '05), and RadamusCrunk, as it has been named (I was seventeen, don't judge me), has been a reliable companion. It has made it through at least a dozen formats, hundreds of literal days of gameplay, and hundreds of thousands of words typed. I'm a bit attached to the old thing, so it pains me to watch as its processor fails, and the freezes make it an unusable system. I've put up with it for a long while, but now that files are starting to break down, I need to move on.

Beyond all of this, I should have found another way to retype the articles. I'm sure they will eventually make it on to the site. I spent too much time researching Cosmic Horror for the friday article to simply let it die. I allowed myself to get frustrated, and then to get indignant. I let pieces of failure throw me into a rut, and that is a quick path to writing self destruction.

As much as I, and my wallet hate to admit it, the time has come to move on. RadamusCrunk has been the most enduring and best computer I have ever owned, but I cannot let my tools become the reason I miss my writing goals. I'll eulogize him properly one of these days. Now excuse me, I have to take this sad little HP into the back yard. Last I checked, my favorite tools, the shovel and rifle, still worked perfectly well.

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