Friday, February 11, 2011

The Lost Post: Cosmic Horror

So maybe you read a short story about a plumber's trying day, or just got done watching some show with a shitty theme song about two men and a kid living under the same roof. Sure, their quips might make you feel like putting an end to the earth, but lets be real, its trivial in comparison to the scope of cosmic horror.

It all begins and ends with the stakes.

In true cosmic horror, our species is so significant we might as well be bacteria to these ancient gods, who are both lunatic and evil. Our pitiful and fragile minds can't even handle the utterances of these Old God's names, much less the destruction that they could summon at a whim. A mere glance on their true form could leave you a hulking mass of blubbering psyche ward material. Even the architecture of their aeons old civilizations is too much for our primate brains to comprehend. In the best case scenario, these abominations of reality won't even acknowledge our existence.

This trope isn't scary just by the monsters that drift through our universe or slumber under the oceans; it is frightening because it trivializes our existence even further. It makes humanity less than an obscure polyp on Carl Sagan's mote of dust.

Our brains have so compartmentalized the truths of our existence that we cannot see the bigger picture. We are already existing on a small rock hurling through a void. We don't let this bother us, though we stare into the thousands of dying stars each night. We muddle in office jobs and put our fuzzy pets in sweaters, even though the cosmos threatens to rip this planet apart. Cosmic horror simply breaks down the barriers between our neat and tidy perceptions, and assaults you with the truth of your insignificance and obscurity.

Now, the question is, who will be eaten first?

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