Monday, February 21, 2011

Moving the Office

A few weeks ago I talked about how I needed to change my writing environment. The location I was in could most accurately be described as the under decorated basement lavatory of Dracula's castle. This isn't to say that I am worried about pale bloodsuckers in my office (I have work for that), but writing in the lonely and uninviting dark was not helping me.

So I moved. I packed up the writing essentials and made a space upstairs. Suddenly I was staring at a backdrop of white walls and heated rooms. I had made it back to the first world so to speak, and it felt great. The first few days up I managed to pop out over 1,000 words, which hadn't happened back to back in more time than I would like to admit.

In the spirit of making this a better, more useful office, I am getting ready to redecorate on the cheap. Working for a school district has some major advantages when it comes to inexpensive surplus office equipment. I plan to put a full sized white board on the wall behind me, to outline / brainstorm / draw inappropriate sexual pictures on. I'm also going to get a massive desk. I want some desktop real estate this time around. Enough that I won't lose shit by virtue of everything being in plain sight. The current piles are killing me.

So, dear readers (all six of you), if you could add anything to your office, what would it be? Do you have any unconventional items that make your office unique? Or certain whatsits that you can't live without? Sound off and let me know.


  1. Awesome! I wish I could redesign my office; unfortunately, I live in someone else's house. When we have our own place, though, my plans include a chalkboard wall, a desk with various tchotchkes, and some sweet wall art.

    And of course my desk can't function without an ever-present bottle of bourbon.

  2. Damn, your a quick to reply Austin.

    I'm in a rented place as well, but I've never been afraid of a little bit of spackle, and our landlord leaves us pretty well alone. I wouldn't have been able to in my last house, so I feel your pain.

    A roommate recently got me an poster that I need to get framed as well. I want more absurd and hilarious art.

    I need to settle on a drink. Been doing a fair amount of American Honey, but it's almost too easy. Maybe a bit to sweet as well. I need something that is a bit more along the lines of firewater, but also can be good on the rocks.


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