Tuesday, March 29, 2011

WIP Wednesday: Patience vs. Word Count

I have a problem. I have to write far more words than I care to admit by midnight on Thursday, and from the looks of it, I only have one option. I must take the outline that is only about half finished, and pound out some serious words.

I really wanted to avoid pantsing this novel. I wanted a full, complete, and edited outline before I type a word of this new project. Unfortunately, I pigeonholed myself into a tight spot with this bet. If I lose the 200 dollars to P.E.T.A. my quality of life pretty much runs dry. I run a pretty tight budget, and that’s the point behind this bet, to get me to write. Instead, I procrastinated, and did tons of the prewriting necessary for a novel. I’m not sure that I’m doing anything wrong with being thorough, but it really is strange to feel guilty over taking my time with a project.

It’s not all bad. I’ve tied up several short stories that were left unfinished. By next week I will have three or four of them out on submission. I’m proud of the work done in these stories, and the feedback would suggest I am improving in both my prose and my storytelling. I’ll be sure to post an update on what happens with the bet. I may have to go underground until Friday. This whole internet thing is the bane of my productivity.

I will close with a question: What would you do in my situation? Risk losing the money and trying to scrape out short stories and future blog posts? Or would you take the outline and just pump out the beginning of a book that will probably need major revisions later. I’d love your feedback.

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