Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Graffiti of the Mind

Muddled down by sensationalism, our minds have become cluttered with the refuse of a non-stop society. We are inundated with what we are told to buy, what news we are to swallow each morning, and the vague statements of those who would tell us that everything is okay.

The constant barrage of information mangles our focus. Reflection is a lost art, as is discourse without fanaticism. I watch as people who have differing opinions on whatever today’s present hot topic is consider anyone that opposes them to be a bad person. They pass judgment solely because they do not think alike. Polarized thought without the use of reason is dangerous. If one cannot at least consider the differing views of another, especially in the face of evidence, then the argument is lost before it began.

The only way to counter this mentality is through reason. We have to be willing to step back, look at the graffiti, and discern art from the mad scrawling of bored desperation. Either way it’s all writing on the wall, but it is ultimately our choice on what we do with it. Choose wisely friends, take with you what has value, and toss aside the rest.

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