Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Power of Getting Pissed Off

I don’t like the idea of turning my blog into a place of negativity. I shot off the last post with a little too much urgency, and didn’t accomplish everything I wanted to. That being said, having a little extra piss and vinegar in my life makes me want to write more.

It allows me to sit back, and cut out my inner editor, as well as shut out the bits of self-doubt that strike all writers from time to time. Instead of beating myself up over not hitting consistent writing goals, I sit down and pound the keyboard until results happen. Sometimes it also makes me a little crueler to my characters, which have often been coddled in the past.

Creativity is an odd thing. In high school, the whole act seemed to be a delicate procedure, more akin to watchmaking than construction. Perhaps it still is for some people, but my writing is always at its best when I start swinging the sledgehammer around. Construction is only a delicate process at the end, when the trim goes up and the caulking gets done. Before that, it is a menagerie of power tools and loud noises. Even surgery isn’t as delicate as I once thought. Have you ever seen a hip replacement? That surgeon isn’t just about smooth cuts and a steady hand, sometimes they have to break something before they can fix it.

I’m not one to extend a metaphor for too long, but that is the long and the short of it. Instead of being disappointed with myself for missing a self-imposed deadline, I have to get mad, bust out the right tools, and get some damn work done.

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