Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Workspace Wednesday #2 – The Battle Station

In the often repeated words of Stephen Colbert, this is where the magic happens. I’ve logged many an hour at this desk, pounding out words for the word gods.

I’ve tried to keep my set up simple to promote efficiency. There used to be two monitors on my desk, but after trying for many months, I have found that having dual monitors makes procrastination too easy. More often than not, a YouTube video on the other monitor is just a little bit more interesting than an open word document. E-mails can pile up right in front of you, and it all seems more urgent when you watch them land in your inbox.  

The desk is also intentionally small. I wanted an area that couldn’t hold the clutter that seems to follow me around. I also only keep tools for writing in this desk. I have another section of my office set up for printing and other miscellaneous work. When I am at my desk, I want absolute focus.

I expect that all writers have a different idea of what works and what doesn’t. I’d love to hear about or see your workspaces. Hit up the comments section and tell me more.

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