Monday, October 31, 2011

The World Belongs to Those Who Hustle

Greetings fellow travelers. My extended hiatus is over, and it feels damn good to be back. Lets talk shop.

My time away was the result of a few specific actions. Mostly, I stared too long into the horrid and stanky navel of the publishing industry. I worried more about the end result of labors that had not occurred than the labor itself. I became discouraged, disheartened, and many other dis-based words that probably don’t exist. I overlooked the most important part of this writing career, and work in general: the world belongs to those who hustle.

I’m not entitled to anything, especially in this industry. No one is. Just because we can herd some prose into pretty little passages every once in a while doesn’t mean we will ever become beloved authors. The only, and I mean ONLY path to this is through unimaginable hours work. We spin stories, we edit, we cut, we lash out at our frozen word processing program, restart it, and work again. We get rejected, we reassess, and then we resubmit. This isn’t an industry for the weak of heart, or for the arrogant prat who thinks their prose is golden. 

We must hustle. We must cut the bullshit and push forward because this is our dream, damnit. It’s worth every second, and with each sentence we slap down, rewrite, revise, and send out, we force improvement. Every minute you keep that ass stuck to the chair, you edge ever slower toward becoming a journeyman of this industry and a master of your craft. Hustle on, my friends.

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