Friday, January 13, 2012

Freaky Friday #4: Dues Ex Nukina

Sometimes, there comes a point in where you just have to breakdown and use The Bomb. Whenever nuclear hellfire becomes your only option, it falls under the trope of Dues Ex Nukina.

Is there a better way to purge the unclean than complete vaporization? When alien hordes have nuked your cities, targeted your world leaders, and prematurely ended your fantasy football league, an Uncle Sam’s Hydrogen Fusion Enema is the only option. It truly is the American way: go big, and ignore the consequences.

Dues Ex Nukina is also often accompanied with a form of heroic self sacrifice. In Armageddon, Bruce Willis is burdened with the instantaneous satisfaction of de-atomizing for the sake of our species. In Sunshine, the various scientists and crackpots apparently have to do what an automated ship couldn’t: drop off a big bomb on the sun. In a more local example, there have been several zombie novels, such as World War Z and Day by Day Armageddon that have used nukes in order to curb the zombie menace.

The threat of nuclear war, or post bomb survival is another common trope we will discuss soon, as they carry very different themes. In your experience, when has this trope been used effectively? Or better yet, ineffectively? Hit up the comments section and get your two cents in.

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