Friday, March 23, 2012

Freaky Friday #5 – Science and Technology

Science, by its very nature, tries to bring out the best in men. It allows our labor to become more efficient, and creates new forms of recreation and stimulation (for your mind, shut up). So, if this is the case, then why are so many people flat out scared of science and technology? Is it the creeping and insidious notion that true privacy is a thing of the past? Is it that our new AI driven robotic overlords will look at us as inefficient and illogical meatbags? Or are they simply afraid of change?

Boom goes the 50,000 kiltons of dynamite!
The problem is that it doesn't just make our lives easier, it makes the work of cruel and despicable humans more efficient as well. We know how to ignite the very elements, and using a hydrogen bomb, create a micro scale star over a city or nation. We have created a reset button on existence, and men like Rick Santorum are the ones who hold their finger over the button. This is a significant part of the fear, but due to our biology, we as people can't fathom it actually happening.

More than anything, people are afraid of technology and science because it lifts the veil on their perceptions. It rules out the basis of significant ideologies with cold and overbearing fact. It reminds them that they are simply a mass of atoms, no different in composition than the diamond on their finger, hurling through space on a rock spinning at nearly 1,000 miles per hour, orbiting a fireball that is one million times the size of this planet. That we are only as microbes to this planet, and that our planet is as insignificant as a single atom on the universal scale.

Are you feeling insignificant yet? Does that full inbox seem a little less important now? It should. The fact is, our apelike brains still have trouble grasping the immensity of existence, so many compartmentalize the truth. In order to cope with the universe as it is, they put up mental barriers to fact. They view anything that moves against these walls as a personal attack, and feel the need to reinforce their preconceived notions through confirmation bias.

It's an understandable reaction, to ignore their fear, but probably not the right one. After all, it is science that has allowed us to touch the our feet on other celestial bodies. To treat and often beat cancer. To let me inject myself every week with a concoction made of hamster cells so that a protein in my blood can be regulated. As much as science breaks down the world we knew, it builds up the world we want to create.

20,000 years ago, language didn't exist in such a way for this article to exist. 500 years ago it would have been relegated to small printings, probably rejected as heresy. 15 years ago, dial up users would have been afraid to leave their AOL home page to find it, and 5 years ago, it wasn't accessible by phone. Now, by crossing space time and a massive network of wiring and servers, tell me what you think. Hit up the comments section below, give me your take on all of this.


  1. I agree with you Tony. Those who don't want to give credit to science I want them to do us a favor and go live in the woods, hunting and gathering, in a mud house, throw away their clothes and make their own using animal hide and skins or tree barks and no matches to start a fire either! :) Shouldn't take any medication either unless they are digging some roots, no writing and reading and ...the list is long! :-)

    As far as I am concerned I say this system is flawed, we need an upgrade. Shoot me up with nano-materials to kill all cancer cells or make me immune to any disease! Plant a chip in my brain so that I can make phone calls, text, play video games, surf the net and comment on this article without the use of a cellphone, computer etc. I want a memory upgrade so that I never forget what I learn, my math phobia will be a joke, I find it crazy that a computer can calculate what my brain can't given that computers are a man's creation. Why the need for super computers-just upgrade my brain.

    Give me a new skeleton made of titanium alloyed with other metals-the only bones I'll break will be of the ones that weren't upgraded! :-) I want the ability to breath underwater without carrying an oxygen tank. When we discover how to travel at the speed of light no one should worry about crap like gravity. Or if I'm caught in a tsunami all I do is wait it out-underwater. Climbing Everest should be a slight jog. Swimming across the Atlantic should be just a little exercise and diving into the Mariana Trench should be like dip in a bathtub! :-)

    I want to be that super human and if science is what is going to make that upgrade, I'm in! :-) If a catfish can survive under a dried lake for up to a year and come back to life when there's water why should human beings die after only 7days of no food. I want to be able to see as well as a cat at night, or hear like a bat. :-) There's nobody delivering gnu calves in the wilderness, why is there so much maternal deaths in humans? Let's upgrade-a human baby is born, mental development full, talking, eating, running able to listen and learn what the parents are teaching him/her! :-)

    Will someone level the field please, because I think this isn't fair, the designer didn't give us our share-his design is flawed or we're simply test subjects from this model he's creating a better one. And if this is the only life, if life ends here on earth then it is just so sad...I would like to think there's more, beyond this crappy unjust life. So back to you Tony, floating on a rock, hurtling through space, orbiting that fireball in the sky at 100,000km/h or roughly 62,000m/h and still take a year for a round-trip, how insignificant we must be, and that's not even the biggest fireball in our neighborhood...:-) It is crazy that just a tiny rock e.g. an asteroid can hit this planet and kill everything on it-absolutely ludicrous hence my obsession for an upgrade... :-D

    I really like what you write bro, always make me think deeper and beyond and to that place where most are scared to go. Infinite posibilites. All the very best from this end and keep the material flowing.

  2. Thanks for stopping by man. I totally agree, anything is possible at this point. While a lot of what you are talking about may never come to fruition, we are fast approaching the next singularity. We will hit new, awesome, and strange boundaries in the coming decades, and I think we will all be better for it.


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