Sunday, April 8, 2012

Row 80 Check in #1

Greetings all,

I've been quite busy with new projects, both comic and novel related. I haven't been this productive or busy in years. It feels phenomenal to actually finish projects, to break through and see them polished. I've made the changes necessary to actually produce work. I've moved from just talking about the writing, to doing. I know this may seem insignificant, but being resolved to write daily, and to truly move forward with a career in mind, took far longer than I care to admit. I'll put up a few posts about this soon.

Anyway, on to some quick stats.

As of today, I was supposed to be at 6,000 words for this ROW80 which stands for Round of Words in 80 days for those who do not know. It is a simple competition. Write 1,000 words per day for 80 days, and BOOM, you have draft 0 of your new novel complete.

I am currently sitting at 4,700 words on my manuscript, which leaves me a tad behind. The reason for this is the 7,000 word outline I created during the first days of the competition. This is an effort to ressurect Augmented Genesis. It is a sci fi novel set just past the next technological singularity, and deals with biological implants, augmented reality, and solar storms. Fun stuff.

Anyway, to my other ROW80 associates, I hope your manuscripts are going well. To my fiends, go and kick ass.


  1. Okay, Tony, first I’ve got to say I love your header pic. Did you design the graphic yourself? “I've moved from just talking about the writing, to doing.” Yes! I can so relate to this statement and the growth my writing has taken over the past year. It took me a while to “get it” as well, but hey, I’ll take getting projects done now. As for your writing this week, great progress both on the count and the outlining.

    Don’t feel constrained by a 1,000 word-count/day goal. ROW80 is about setting customized goals that work for you. Some people focus only on writing while others branch out. And the amount of writing you set as a goal is open. Some people vow to crank out 7,000 words plus a week, others set daily time goals for writing and yet others are happy to get 750/week down. The ROW challenge meets us where we are and lets us push ourselves further. Your WIP “Augmented Genesis” sounds very interesting. Good luck with the revamp of it.

  2. Thanks Barbara for the kind words.

    I took the header image from a Beksinski painting and just added the lettering. It is a small portion of one of his many fantastic realism paintings. I think he may be my favorite painter.

    As far as being constrained by 1,000 words, I don't feel limited or intimidated by it. I feel like it is a solid daily goal, and I am using ROW80 to rebuild the daily writing habit. I have had a few 2,000 word days, a few smaller, and so on. Any forward progress is the main goal, 1,000 words is just a nice goal to hit.

    Good luck on your project as well :)

  3. Hey, just make sure there's a copy for your old friend! :-D

    I'm really looking forward to reading this Sci-Fi book "Augmented Genesis". I'm intrigued it sounds very interesting. Ok Mr. Author, go back to work! :-) I wish you luck and I hope it all comes out as planned.

    All the very best.


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