Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Weird Wednesday #4 - Vitamin H

Vitamin H! This new supplement, fresh shipped from China, is a veritable fountain of youth (parts)! SGK (Soylent Green Korea) wants YOU to have a better life, a stronger immune system, and a new way to cope with irritating neighbors. Try our vitamin H today, and don’t forget, the secret’s in the sauce!

There are some pretty obscure supplements on the market today. Longevity has people ingesting Green Lipped Mussel, or the squeezed liver of sharks. Most want to live longer, healthier lives, but on the black market of South Korea, anything goes. According to this Popular Science article, customs agents are now checking shipments for the ground up remains of human babies. So far, they have uncovered more than 17,000 capsules.

Uh, what?

Thank you South Park, for helping
contextualize this situation.
So, according to the AP, people are chopping human babies into tiny pieces, grilling them, and then powdering the remains. These remains are then put in capsules, and marketed as a “stamina” booster.

Last time I looked, ingesting members of one’s own species is pretty goddamn unhealthy. Not only is it chock full of awful bacteria, it’s made from fucking babies. Kuru, a disease that causes intense tremors in the limbs is only one side effect. On top of that, it is often thought that humans can get a version of “Mad Cow” disease from consuming our own kind. This supplement, a supposed boost, could actually put holes in your brain over time. It is the authors opinion, that if someone wants to do that, they should just huff paint, and not become a cannibal. That way they can remove themselves from the gene pool, and not encourage the serial powdering of newborns and infants.

I’m not sure I’ve read a worse story in recent memory, but if you can out-weird this, or just want to express your disgust in humanity, hit up the comments section. 


  1. Tony, I've been meaning to comment on this one but alas time hasn't been my friend lately! Main question is how do they get hold of dead babies to begin with? Do we have killers hunting babies and turn them into pills? Or do they go around buying corpses? Do parents voluntary give away their babies for this? Is it from stillborns? Just the thought of it gives me the shivers! And this is in the 21st century, imagine what kind of crap used to happen in the ancient world. X:-( Wrong in each and every way, way before I start examining the health benefits/disadvantages! Urgh!! Just despicable.

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