Monday, June 25, 2012

Podcast Party

I know I'm not the only one, but I simply cannot listen to the bullshit that is on the radio anymore. The ads are repetitive, new music is mostly garbage, and the DJs, especially the morning shock jocks, are awful. I cringe every time I hear some caller thinking they have an awesome story. These dipshits are barely literate howler monkeys that need to learn how to tell a damn story.

I understand that the shackles of corporate radio bind deep, but their content is weak and generic. I want real conversations about interesting shit, not a regurgitation of pop culture headlines with an added “Oh no you didn't” attitude.

So I opted out. I might miss a little bit of the days news, but I switched to podcasts in the car, or while I'm cleaning at home. The uncensored and less commercial format appeals to me, and there are thousands of podcasts to fill any niche. Here are a few I listen to religiously:

Startalk Radio: My favorite astrophysicist, Niel Tyson, heads up this podcast about space, science, and the future of the human species. My only nag is that they only put out an episode every few weeks. He usually works with a small panel of comedians, and has guests like Morgan Freeman, and a few former astronauts.

Hardcore History: Dan Carlin busts into your deprived brain with the real low down on history. I am currently six hours into his series on the fall of Rome, and I have rarely been so captivated by an audio program. The most recent episodes have turned to my favorite conqueror, Genghis Khan.

The Joe Rogan Podcast: Although he can sometimes verge on the shock value entertainment, Joe Rogan's podcast is often enlightened, profound, and worth every minute. The uncensored format works better for him than any radio station ever could. I will give a warning that Joe's show can be very explicit, and NSFW. If you want some very interesting episodes, look up his interviews with Graham Hancock, Jason Silva, or Freeway Rick Ross.

I might add some more in the comments section, but I want to know what you are listening to. I'm always looking for new and interesting content, especially when it is free.


  1. Until we met Tony I wasn't a big fan of podcasts. The first one that really made an impact on me was with Jason Silva on Joe Rogan's show. Wild ideas like the internet becoming sort of a large networked brain... it was fun to listen to, the talk was full of entirely new ideas, some might even consider impossible ideas/crazy talk. But if you think it is crazy just ask people who thought the earth was flat, and that wasn't that long either. What I'm trying to say is that this is an age of information technology sharing. Podcasts are one of great ways of information dissemination especially when the radio keeps playing the same songs over and over and the DJs doing their jingles, or asking for donations..., not to mention the ads, in other words just plain boring! :-D Well, as I said I'm kinda of new but I'm already hooked. The ones you mentioned earlier I'm hooked too! :-) I also watch a lot of inspirational talks on From the podcasts I get the feeling more and more that we are getting so networked, so connected with other human beings that we are are becoming almost like a single organism, imagine how powerful that can be. If anyone with a computer with internet can now learn almost anything, from how to create a database to all the files required to make/produce a 3D printer-free, all information you need for any task, for free! Things like using a satellite to do research, and make that satellite available to the public, anyone can do their own research-also for free. Some of that I heard from one of the podcasts you mentioned earlier. I would be glad to hear from others, the more the better-spread the good word. :-D

  2. With internet radio, podcasts, and every other option, legacy radio has to be hurting. There are a lot of businesses that must despise the internet for destroying their business model. The freedom of information has changed a lot in my life, I can't imagine what it will be like in another decade.


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