Monday, August 13, 2012

Summer's End

One weekends worth of recycling. And you thought I was kidding when I said babysitting.

Well, this is embarrassing. The good ole Human Echoes has fallen derelict again. I'm sorry for the many, many missed posts. Anyway, onward to glory.

Other than the rivers of sweat I produced, there has been no indication that summer actually happened. Normally, I have it off from work, and get to gleefully rub it in all of your non-school-district-working people. Last summer, I did almost nothing for 82 days. I went vegetative, and babysat some 20 year old hoodlums. This isn't exactly a good thing, but it was fun.

In the past 10 weeks, I went back to school. This was a troubling concept for me because I failed out several years ago. A mix of apathy and work did me in, as well as a hatred for my business major. I was doing it for a possible paycheck, not because I wanted to. Add in some untreated sleep apnea, and school became a mess.

This time, I'm going in with a motive. I am pulling a change in career, and a change of purpose. In 10 weeks, I busted my ass for a 3.3 GPA. Higher than I have ever gotten in college, and most of my academic career in general. Taking a 5 credit class plus two other normal classes in the summer was murder on my brain and my motivation, but I did it, and the results speak for themselves.

My reasons for going back to school are entirely selfish. I suffer from a spinal disease called Ankylosing Spondylitis, which I have spoken of several times on here. The condition is a painful bane on my existence, and I am tired of letting it define what I am capable of. I won't get into the details, but I feel that if I have the capability to change my fate and my health, then it is my responsibility to do so.

So, what does this mean for Human Echoes, my writing, and everything else you've come to know and love? Not a lot. I am slowly attuning myself to the workload, and am taking on more projects. I have an announcement in the coming weeks that I am excited about. It isn't a book deal or anything like that, but it will be some recurring new content.

Human Echoes lives again. Thank you all for reading.


  1. I had an idea of how busy you were since we talked a bit here and there. Time is a strange thing. I still am dazed by the fact that Thursday we are back at it again. 3.3GPA! That's fantastic man, no one can take that away from you, fruits of your labor. Now I can't wait to hear the other piece of information you're withholding! :-D

    All the best bro.

    1. Thanks man. I can't believe we are back at it on Thursday either. Feels like we just got out. I need another summer.


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