Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Weird Wednesday #8 – For the Love of Surveillance

I love the smell of armed robots in the morning.

Someday, the far off buzzing of drones could be a substitute for white noise, especially in the border regions of the United States. With recent laws passed and endorsed bythe president and this inept congress, the use of drones for private and public use has been streamlined and encouraged.

Now, this isn't all bad; the rise of “Taco Copters” and other services may be attributed to this legislation, but private start ups aren’t my concern. It isn't even with this particular government, as they have proved themselves to be ineffective at every turn. My worries are with future administrations, because you never know who you will bend the knee to next. The succession of tyranny may befall us from the innocuous laws of ignorant men. Men who unknowingly enable the next administrations, which may not be so kind to the liberties of citizens.

Dan Carlin, head of the podcast Common Sense, fielded a question the other day. How long will it be until these innocent surveillance drones find their teeth? How long will it be until an armed drone attacks “drug dealers” on the border of Mexico? I'm not a seer, but I predict it will be within the next ten years.

You may be able to say that we are at war. The War on Terror, vague as it may be, still counts as an armed conflict. Even still, I have a hard time seeing the justification for 30,000 eyes in the sky. I have an even harder time understanding the need for aerial attacks within our borders. Is our situation so dire that we need missiles instead of police to attain justice? Do the men that we comfortably mutilate from a remote control booth deserve death? Somehow I doubt it.

So what can be done? This is a harder question than it seems. The people's pleas to congress so rarely trump the needs of those who have purchased Washington. Awareness is always the first step, followed by the sharing of ideas. Please, weigh in on this in the comments section. I would love to know what you think.

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