Friday, September 21, 2012

The Podcast Cometh

Let our voices vibrate through your dirty ear holes. You might want to get a q-tip. Get yourself together man.

Greetings fellow travelers. It has been a long while since a new post has graced these pages, but it isn't that I have forgotten about you. No, today I bring you news of new content from the brains of Albert Berg and I. A new podcast, named after this blog.

The Human Echoes Podcast is now live. You can find it on itunes, zune marketplace, and many other venues. The official website for now is here.

The RSS feed is here if you wish to subscribe.

The Human Echoes podcast will be a weekly hour long episode covering a wide range of topics. We will have a movie of the week, generally one available on Netflix or other inexpensive venue. So far we have covered everything from Hitchcock films and Breaking Bad to plumbing and manliness. We would really love it if you checked it out. It's free, it is readily available, and it is awesome.

I want to thank everyone that has spread the word so far. We both really appreciate it. If you feel so inclined, give us an honest rating on iTunes or other download venue. If you want to get updates, follow me on twitter @tsouthcotte or the twitter account for the podcast @HEPodcast.

If you would like to send us questions, comments, or reccomendations, hit up our email account at

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